Friday, May 19, 2017

Acts 25: Appeal To Caesar!

With a new governor in town, Paul's "cold case" is re-activated after a two year hiatus.  Festus goes first to Jerusalem where the Jews plead for Paul to be returned to them.  (They are once again hoping to ambush him on the way.)

Festus convenes a hearing in Caesarea where the Jews from Jerusalem present their case against Paul.  Trying to ingratiate himself to them, Festus prompts Paul to consider returning to Jerusalem for a trial.  Paul grows wise to the trap that is being set for him.  Although he is certainly willing to die as a martyr in Jerusalem, what Paul really desires justice.  So he enacts one of his rights as a Roman citizen by appealing to Caesar.

What this means is that his case will now be bound over to the Emperor.  Before sending Paul on to Rome, however, Festus agrees to let Paul explain himself before King Agrippa and his wife Bernice, so that he may have something to write to Caesar, explaining the charges that have been leveled against Paul.  This will give Paul yet another opportunity to share his testimony!

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