Thursday, March 27, 2014

Luke 7: Regarding Jesus

In Luke 7, people are starting to draw conclusions and make up their minds about Jesus.

A Roman centurion sees Jesus as One in command, able to heal his servant even from a distance, because He has spiritual authority.  Jesus is impressed with the faith of this man (a Gentile!)

After a dramatic resurrection at the town gates of Nain, the rap on Jesus is: "A great prophet has appeared."  This is still where many people are today regarding Jesus' identity.

John the Baptist is torn, questioning.  Is Jesus really the One?  He sends a couple of his disciples to interview Jesus.  Jesus tells them to draw their own conclusions based on what they are seeing: miracles, resurrections, good news.

Jesus takes this opportunity to point out to His critics the problem of their confused expectations.  To them, John was possessed by a demon because of his rough and disciplined lifestyle.  But because Jesus eats and drinks, they accuse Him of being a glutton and drunkard.

For the sinful woman who anoints Him with her tears and perfume, Jesus is the object of her love and worship.  He is the One who has brought mercy and forgiveness into her life, and she is ready to pour out her love upon Him.  Her conclusion stands in contrast to the Pharisee Simon, who has been much more reserved in his reception of Jesus.  He loves little because he has experienced little forgiveness.

How have you made up your mind regarding Jesus?

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  1. It's so comforting to read about the many miracles Jesus performed. You heard the stories as a child and were amazed. As an adult, you feel the love and forgiveness Jesus showed. As then and now, you see the strong faith of some and the doubts of others. Connie