Thursday, June 15, 2017

I Corinthians 9: Inside Paul's Head (And Heart!)

In this chapter, we get a good look at the extent of Paul's sacrifices and his calling.  Paul declares to the Corinthians that he is a genuine apostle, but he also wants it known that he engages in gospel ministry with no salary drawn from his proclamation.  We get a look inside Paul's head as he discloses his thinking with striking transparency.  Paul has chosen to make this sacrifice because of the ability it gives him to present the gospel without any accusation of profiteering.  He is so committed to the saving of souls that he will do anything, say anything, become anything - and even serve without anything.  He is sold out, to the point of Olympic-level dedication to his calling.  This is Paul's heart.  Paul's sacrificial commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ is beyond reproach.

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