Thursday, June 15, 2017

Romans 16: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night!

Compared to the rest of the book, Romans 16 is the most personal chapter, full of private greetings and remarks.  It is Paul's good-bye to the church at Rome, until he should come there and be with them in person.

A couple of interesting notes of those who make appearances in this chapter...

Phoebe is the first one discussed in verse 1.  She is called a "deacon" and it appears that she was the deliverer of this letter to Rome.

Prisca and Aquilla (vs. 3) are mentioned next.  They figured large in Paul's ministry in the book of Acts.

We hear of Rufus ("chosen in the Lord") in vs. 13, and it is possible that this is the son of Simon of Cyrene. (Mark 15:21)

Tertius is mentioned as the writer of this letter in vs. 22.  But I thought Paul was the author?!  Tertius was likely his scribe who took down Paul's dictation.

Finally, I should mention that Romans 15:16 was one verse I never had trouble getting teen-agers in my youth groups to memorize and attempt to practice with one another.  The problem was getting them to apply it appropriately!  ;)

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