Friday, December 29, 2017

Matthew 27: Who Killed Jesus?

Who killed Jesus?  In studying His last hours, we find a number of guilty parties who could be said to share in the responsibility for His death.

The Jews, especially the religious leaders, played a major role.  They were the ones who had Jesus arrested, put Him through a rigged trial before the Sanhedrin, and brought Him to Pilate, demanding His crucifixion.

The Romans, particularly Pilate and his soldiers, were also at fault.  Though he tried to absolve himself by washing his hands of the guilt, Pilate was the one who passed judgment and signed the warrant for His execution.  It was the soldiers themselves who drove the spikes into His wrists and ankles (after they were through taunting Him, of course.)

Judas betrayed Him.  

Peter denied Him.  

The rest of the disciples deserted Him. 

But trying to pin the blame on a set of historical characters really misses a much larger and truer point: Jesus died a death of atonement for sin.  Thus, ALL WHO HAVE SINNED are responsible for His death. 

That includes me and you.

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