Friday, October 13, 2017

Mark 16: A Surprise Ending!

Jesus' story ends like none other.  This is true for two reasons.  First, Jesus is like no other.  And second, His story does not truly end.

If the Gospel of Mark concluded with chapter 15, we would be left with an amazing story of a man of love who gave His life teaching, preaching, healing and forgiving.  It would be a tragic story, ending with the death of a holy prophet by a misguided and misunderstanding people.  It would be over.

But Jesus' story is not over!  The surprising conclusion contained in Mark 16 is that Jesus is uncontainable!  The grave could not hold Him!  Death could not keep Him!  And His story goes on.  His story goes on, continuing into our lives, yours and mine, even today, nearly 2000 years later.  Jesus is not only alive, He's alive in His Church, He's alive in YOU.  What an incredible story of the God Who came to earth! 

He is Risen!  He is Risen indeed!

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