Thursday, March 26, 2015

Exodus 2: Taking Notice

Exodus 2 is a chapter full of people looking closer and taking notice:

  • A man notices a woman and marries her (vs. 1).
  • The woman has a child who she takes note is a "fine" child (vs. 2, also note Hebrews 11:23).
  • When the child was bound to be noticed, he was placed in the Nile in a basket (vs. 3).
  • His sister kept watch over him (vs. 4).
  • The basket was noticed by Pharaoh's daughter (vs. 5).
  • When the child Moses grows up, he notices mistreatment of a fellow Hebrew and kills the Egyptian oppressor (vs. 11).
  • He thought he was unnoticed (vs. 12).
  • But he was wrong; it became known (vs. 14).
  • Moses fled to the wilderness, where he noticed women in need (vs. 17).
  • Their father took note of Moses and gave him Zipporah in marriage (vs. 20).

Of course, the greatest act of "taking notice" in this chapter occurs in verses 24-25 when God takes notice of the suffering of the Israelites and remembers His covenant with them.  God is stirred to action on their behalf.

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